DIY Skyplanter for EUR 5,-


Yep, there you have it! ┬áNice, isn’t it, and all that for EUR 5,- and 10 minutes of DIY… Want to know how? Read on!

I’m always thinking of ways to make stuff myself.
A year ago, I ran in to the Bosske Skyplanters. Cool. Plants upside down!

Less cool was the price, so I never bought them. Last week, I was at Ikea for something totally different. (a pillow, if you really want to know ;)
I had the luxury of wondering around without my kids, so I was just soaking up all the products, thinking how I could use them to create unique furniture. While walking the plants department, my eye fell on the SKURAR plant hanger. Immediately my brain went into overdrive… This was it! I bought one, and tonight I finally had the time to fix my prototype.

It’s really quite easy:

  1. Take some proper cutter or a metal saw to make slits into the metal as shown below. Fold the slits inwards, you’ll see it leaves a 3cm hole in the center, ideal for the plant to fit through, while air can still reach the soil!
  2. Drill some holes. I made 2 tiny holes for some wire, and a bigger one to water the plant. As you can see, the laquer isn’t really durable, so I damaged mine (isn’t visible when it hangs)

  3. I attached the wire and placed two kitchen cloths in there to absorb the water that you pore in.

  4. Put in the plant, bend the slits inwards, and hang it! All done :)
    Pat yourself on the back, grab a beer, and enjoy!

    I tried to water it, the hole could have been a bit bigger but the cloths prevent the water from dripping down perfectly, evenly watering the plant. I’m satisfied!!


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